14 December 2018

Who are we

Incorporated in the 1920s, BLANCHARD company is located in the Eyrieux valley in Ardèche, south of Lyon, which has a long jewellery and textile tradition. Originally BLANCHARD produced bullion fringes.

BLANCHARD then diversified in the production of precious metallic threads for the regalia market. From the 1960s it expanded its activities to include the production of gimped, twisted and fanciful yarns for the clothing and furniture markets. Since 1990, it has been developing technical threads, designated for industrial applications.

Today the BLANCHARD family group, led by a fourth generation, employs about fifty employees spread over two production sites.

The Blanchard know-how

BLANCHARD offers a wide range of textile and industrial products, with a wide range of machines, combining advanced technologies and rare old techniques.

The BLANCHARD group is able to create diversity in traditional textiles and to adapt to fashion trends and technical constraints by the wide range of materials and colours proposed. Thanks to its research and development laboratory and the variety of technical components used, BLANCHARD designs innovative solutions for its industrial customers which fit perfectly their needs.

BLANCHARD may work for sale or custom with the material belonging to the customer. BLANCHARD is flexible and adapts itself to the demands of its customers with an important production potential when appropriate.

Blanchard outside the borders

Specialist in textile and technical yarn and traditional fringe, BLANCHARD is a leader in the French and European markets. For more than thirty years the company has been exporting its products to more distant markets interested int the variety of possible applications of its products.

The company values

Combining tradition and innovation, BLANCHARD puts customer service and quality first in its corporate values. Considering ethics central, BLANCHARD develops a trusted relationship with its customers, manufacturers of textile fabrics or soft surfaces, and strives to respect all its commitments. Respectful of the environment and sustainable development of its business, the company has been meeting OEKO-TEX environmental standards for many years.

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