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Blanchard fils guipés métalloplastique jointif

Round yarn where the metallized polyester fully covers the core. Those yarns allow a high precision in the production of jacquard drawings and a high sharpness of fabrics.

Technical specifications:

Thread count: Nm 1 (10,000 dtex or 9,000 deniers) to Nm 83 (120 dtex or 100 deniers)

Shades range: many possibilities.

Core: silk, polyester, rayon, cotton, polyamide…

Cover: aluminium or pure silver metallized polyester or polyamide.

Added value: possibility to offer yarns that will resist various dye or will dye your colour in pieces, will resist degumming of silk, will resist acetone burn-out, will resist mercerization process.

Delivery of yarns on: cones, tubes, dins, spools of your choice.

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  • Blanchard fils guipés métalloplastique jointif
  • Textile fil métallo jointif or marbré
  • Textile fil guipé jointif dentelle davoine or et rouge
  • Textile fil guipé jointif leavers croisillon doré
  • Textile fil guipé jointif or liquide rose
  • Textile fil guipé jointif dentelle bleu or
  • Textile fil guipé jointif soierie pois
  • Textile fil métallo jointif écaille argent
  • Textile fil métallo jointif leaver marine or
  • Textile fil métallo jointif acanthe
  • Textile fil métallo jointif acanthe envers
  • Textile fil métallo jointif chaine soie
  • Textile fil métallo jointif dentelle lyon

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