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Blanchard fils guipés textiles

More or less flexible or rigid round yarn, depending on potential applications.

Technical specifications:

Thread count: Nm 0,5 (20,000 dtex or 18,000 deniers) to Nm 14 (710 dtex or 640 deniers)

Colour chart: a wide choice of colours possible.

Core and cover: polyester, viscose, cotton, polyamide…

Added value: can resist various dyes or can accept you dye on the finished product.

Presentation of yarn on: a choice of cones, tubes, dins, spools.

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  • Blanchard fils guipés textiles
  • Textile fil guipé textile
  • Textile double galon fil fantaisie et guipé jointif
  • Textile fil guipé jointif dentelle rose pale sur gauffré
  • Textile fil retordu et guipé textile galon vert tendre
  • Textile fil guipé textile galon escargot
  • Textile guipé textile galon gourmette

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