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Round gimp yarns with real laminated metal cover. The metal can fully (full gimp) or partly (spaced gimp) cover the core of the yarn.

Technical specifications:

Thread count: Nm 1 (10,000 dtex or 9,000 deniers) to Nm 28 (360 dtex or 320 deniers)

Shades range: many possibilities.

Core: silk, polyester, rayon, cotton, polyamide from Nm 2 to Nm 131…

Cover: fine or semi fine metals (silver, gold, false gold, copper, pewter…)

Added value: the rarity of metallic gimp allows the creation of unique fabric particularly adapted to the world of gilding and regalia and exceptional embroidery by hand.

Delivery of yarns on: dins or spools of your choice with parallel winding.

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  • Textile fil métallique visière générale
  • filés métallique abaya
  • Textile fil métallique galon viel or faux et métallo jointif
  • Textile fil métallique galon or faux jointif

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